Higher Income Distribution

Income for most medical students, those who are white and Asian, is shifted greatly to the right. This usual shift is to the more horizontal broad income distribution of Vietnamese and black (and likely rural students). Without the Vietnamese component in the All Asian category, the Asian curve would exceed the white and more closely resemble the Indian/Pakistani. Asian students are a combination of factors favorable to admission including highest income, education, professional parent, and college preparation levels.



Data from AAMC Minorities in Medicine XII, Graphs by RCB
Note that the income distributions include a wider range of incomes, 50 to 75 thousand and 75 to 100 thousand, for the 2 highest income levels

There are relatively few lower income origin students compared to total students for Whites and Asians. Both groups together determine 85% of the output of US allopathic medical schools.


See changes in white and Asian Matriculants at thumbnail.


Robert C. Bowman, M.D.


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