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Chadron Health Career Fair

Rural Hospitals can play a role by employing students to work 50% and shadow 50% as Alliance Nebraska has done.

Excellent resource by a passionate professional with years of experience in premed and other career preps

Taking short cuts doesn't seem wise, no matter how attractive it may appear. Nibbling at
the bait often proves lethal to mice, roaches and other unwary creatures, even some premedical students.   Dan Marien

Top Sites for Data

Review at Hart and Risley, Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Lives of American Children detailed studies of 42 families linked to education and child development literature. After age 8, interventions are far more costly and less effective.

PreKindergarten  2005 data on dwindling American efforts

The United States spends 0.5% of GDP on age 0 6 child development compared to Denmark at 2% GDP (Starting Strong II, OECD). Not starting well means more costs and inefficiency in many ways

The Funding Gap 2004 Carey - state and local financing of education

Jay Greene, High School Graduation Rates in the United States - not a pretty picture

Carnevale and Rose in Kahlenberg, Left Behind, New Century Foundation, page 9 74% of top income quartile students attend top 146 colleges compared to 3% for lowest income quartile

Changes in Admissions in Allopathic Medical Schools

Admissions Ratios, Changing Admissions, and Physician Distribution

Physician Workforce Studies


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