Social Status and Prep for Med School

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Career expectations by education, income, social status  Those 12th graders from the lowest quartile of SES expected professional or managerial career at age 30 in only 38.7, as compared to 48.1 percent in 2nd and 3rd quartile and 63% in the top quartile. For professional and managerial for public school 49.4%, those in Catholic school 66.3%, those in other schools 59.2%

Income and education a real factor in science, math, reading, you name it

Teacher qualifications by social status

Science Proficiency by income, education, race

School internet access less in rural, poor schools

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Minorities in Medicine 2005  AAMC fact book in pdf 

What happens when higher status leadership loses contact with those in needs see Why Doctor's Don't Go Where They Are Needed

Admission Timeline  Impacts on Upper Privileged vs Those Facing More Challenging Education, College, and Home Situations

Physician Workforce Studies

Education - the entire pipeline