Best Models Admissions

Goal of 50% family medicine graduation rates and as well as higher percentages of rural family physicians

Admissions Summary

Duluth 20 Questions - Some questions that might give more info about the true preferences of students

Duluth Plus RPAP

Rural Health Opportunities Program in Nebraska, don't wait on admissions, admit rural high school students to medical school who truly do want to return to rural Nebraska to practice. Watch two small colleges, the breeding grounds of young professionals most needed in rural areas, prosper in many unexpected and wonderful ways. 

Rockford Rural Health Needs Challenge Doctors


A study of the best models for training and retaining physicians for underserved areas from MGT to FSU also saved in private file

Mercer - reaching out to rural regions, networks

Rural Physician Associate Program      

Syracuse RMED

Kentucky's PEPP  Professional Education and Placement Program - getting kids from underserved areas into a position to make it into health professional training 

West Virginia Rural Health Education Partnerships

WWAMI overview

Upper Peninsula Rural Physician Program

Accelerated Family Medicine Training Programs

Bibliography of Strategies at

Medical Schools and Rural Graduation Rates

Rural Curricula, Strategies, Guidelines

Combined or Early Admissions Programs

Chadron Health Career Fair / Rural Health Opportunities Program

The Rural Alabama Health Alliance

DART Proposal from WWAMI

Florida State University Students Get Started

Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan

Wyoming County Health Careers Initiative

Rockford Rural Health Needs Challenge Doctors

North Carolina AHEC  a first generation AHEC and one of the leading examples in the nation.

BA/MD Homepage for Indiana Indiana State and IU med school working together

The Western Australia Model  

Ideal Approach for a Rural Medical School

PSAP in Pennsylvania  1% of med students turns into 21% of rural family physicians, not bad at all, best research on the area by Rabinowitz

West Virginia Rural Health Education Partnerships

The Rural Med School in Japan  medical scholars program, see goals and selections, what numbers and how long and successes?

Focus on outcomes regarding getting doctors where they are really needed. North Carolina Southern Regional AHEC

Des Moines University - Osteopathic Medical Center has a Primary Care Initiative to assist graduates with placements in rural communities. They have also launched Project FaME, or Family Medical Education,   see

Ontario plan      More detail on Ontario Plan 


Rural Medical Education for faculty and rural physicians

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