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Robert Boyer was the first AAFP Doctor of the Year. He has made countless contributions to Kingman Kansas, health care in the region, and medical education in Kansas and across the nation. It was my privilege to work with him at AAFP Student Resident meetings where he received perfect scores for his talks. My favorite comments almost yearly were from family practice residents who noted how his talk helped them remember why they wanted to become physicians - a great compliment but a sad commentary regarding their medical education. Even thinking about his stories gives me chills and tears.

Dr. Boyer in Streaming Video

The Blizzard by Robert Boyer

"Built within our traditional medical systems are roadblocks. I find many of these to be irrelevant or myths. I try to spend my time getting by these to deliver the best care that I can." Robert Boyer, MD, Kingman, KS. First AAFP doctor of the year

Bob can be found at   (970) 247-0344   93 Snowcap Lane  Durango, CO 81303

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