Authors and Their Works

Acosta:   Rural fellowships


Boulger  2 year programs, rural admissions, Duluth

Bowman About the Site and Author   Bowman  Rural pipeline, evaluation of rural programs, FP and med school rural grad rates and factors

Boyer Links and Presentations

Bruce AHECS, Kellogg foundation, Improving Rural Health book  Arkansas Approach

Cooper The Decision for Rural Practice

Doeksen, Gerald  financial impact of rural physicians, setting up physician offices

Fox Renee C,  Sociology of Medicine

Garrard Comparison 1977   RPAP data

Geyman, John - test on Rural Medicine

Gjerde quality of preceptorships, Family L list owner

Hart  WWAMI research center

Tim Henderson  OTA report and more

Hobbs, Joe  Tribute to our Preceptors, the Invisible Faculty. Other articles. The best item written about what a rural visit should be and the important role of preceptors. This article is posted with permission of Family Medicine, published by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

James, Paul   Med ed research, particularly community based, Chair of Rural Health at Iowa

Kassebaum, Don Determinants of the generalist career intentions of 1995 graduating medical students

Klein, John: PRIME Developer

Konrad Tom    rural physician impacts at local level

Madison Admissions, Linking Service to Admissions  

McKnight, John: Asset Based, Community Servant and Facilitator

Moskol  About 3Rnet    Office of Rural Health in Wisconsin, superb recruitment and retention thru outreach

Moscovice  access to rural health

Norris  AAFP rural efforts, leadership in rural med ed and regional approaches

Pathman  retention of physicians, NHSC grads, top expert on retention

Paulman - quality of preceptorship, rural preceptorship advice and curricula for (student level)

Rabinowitz, Howard  PSAP program, special admissions

Ricketts     Click here for some works  definition of rural, UNC chapel hill, Journal of Rural Health

Rosenblatt, Roger  Click here for some works Rural systems, rural quality, NHSC physicians, recruit and retain

Rosenthal Rural Training Tracks, Academic centers, special rural graduate med ed programs

Rourke  Canadian rural med ed efforts, international rural efforts, see also overview article on postgrad training, see his Ontario plan at

Strasser, Roger 

Swentko RPAP director

Verby Rural Physician Associate Program, evaluating rural med ed   Verby articles

Waldman Robert visionary dean established community approach in Nebraska