Community Medical Outreach Model

I have been an editor for Rural and Remote Health for the North American aspects for a few years. I have greatly appreciated those helping with reviews.

I have had a chance to see a few good articles and some even better ones, but none with the potential that this one holds, for rural and underserved areas, for better physicians, and for improved workforce before, during, and after medical training. My complements to the servant leaders Mehran Heravi (student), and John Bertram (faculty) and the other faculty and volunteers in Florida and at Florida State. It is a great contrast that a variety of corporate interests take advantage of desperate medical school applicants while others figure out how to use this potential energy to meet even higher priority needs, their own needs, and the needs of admissions committees in one effort.

What if the current medical school expansion involved a significant portion of such dedicated students?

'A novel resource model for underprivileged health support: Community Medical Outreach'

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Robert C. Bowman, M.D.


A new article has been published in Rural and Remote Health: 'A novel resource model for underprivileged health support: Community Medical Outreach'

Medical education does well in developing academic skills, however medicine is much more than academics. Few medical students are prepared for the challenges that await them after the completion of formal training.

Relationships with patients, staff, and communities are a particular challenge. Elite origin students need better awareness. Humble origin students need improved organization skills. The needs of both can be addressed in a single model.

The Community Medical Outreach program at Florida State University (CMO) is organized by college students as part of their premedical preparation prior to admission to medical school. All participants benefit including the communities in need, the students in need of medical school admission, the health agencies and organizations in need of resources, and the college in constant need of evidence of public benefit.

Replication is up to those of us in the academic arm. Through this article, through discussions with colleagues, and in conversations with future students, we can share an opportunity. In the process we might just shape the students admitted, the training, and the distribution of physicians and resources in future years.

The model is young, but it is already influencing states and nations. One of the students, Mehran Heravi, was awarded the Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award in 2004. However the real winners will be the communities and peoples that will be served by replicating this program, now and in generations to come.

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