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AAFP Physicians of the Year

1977 — Robert Boyer, M.D., , Kingman, Kansas     Rural  Boyer Links and Presentations
1978 — Mario Ramirez, M.D., McAllen, Texas    An early mentor
1979 — J. Roy Guyther, M.D., Mechanicsville, Maryland
1980 — Eugene Fanta, M.D., New Jersey
1981 — Richard Rutland, M.D., Fayette, Alabama     Rural
1982 — Alexander Brickler, M.D., Tallahassee, Florida
1983 — Chester Anderson, M.D., Minnesota      ?
1984 — Jane Carswell, M.D., Patterson, North Carolina  Rural
1985 — Archibald McNeil, M.D., Georgia     ?
1986 — Amail Chudy, M.D., North Little Rock, Arkansas
1987 — Leeon Aller, M.D., Snohomish, Washington   Rural
1988 — James Blair, Hatteras, North Carolina   Rural  
1989 — Joseph Scherger, M.D., California
1990 — Elizabeth Korte, M.D., Macomb, Illinois   Rural
1991 — A. Janelle Goetcheus, M.D., Washington, D.C.
1992 — Kim Bateman, M.D., Ephraim, Utah     Rural   superb guy, adopts dozens of learners
1993 — no recipient
1994 — Robert Bomengen, M.D., Lakeview, Oregon   Rural
1995 — David Cutsforth, Jr., M.D., Philomath, Oregon    Rural
1996 — Leslie Anderson, M.D., Lonoke, Arkansas   Rural
1997 — Donald Goering, M.D., Clyde, Kansas    Rural
1998 — Melvin Pinn, Jr., M.D., Charlotte, North Carolina
1999 — Samuel Dismond, Jr., M.D., Flint, Michigan
2000 — Harry Depew, M.D., San Diego, California
2001 — Dennis Saver, M.D., Vero Beach, Florida
2002 — Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, M.D., Wasilla, Alaska  Rural    Two great ladies at this one location, see also Barb Doty
2003 — Darrell Carter, M.D., Granite Falls, Minnesota   Rural

2004 - Eric Ossowski, M.D.  a U of MN Duluth Grad!


Family Medicine Teaching

Other Heroes in Medicine - many also rural FP

Rural Docs in Practice

Other state winners

Richard Rajewski, 2003 Kansas

Elizabeth Morrison

Marian Block

Laverne Miller

John Sage

Past Nebraska FP of Year Winners

Iowa winners

Kent Petrie

Arthur C. Hutson

Stephan Schroeder Miller SD

Paul Van Gorp

Jacqueline Chadwick Named 'Family Physician of the Year'

Recent Canadian FP Docs of the Year

Dr Nigel Flook, the 1998 Canadian Family Physician of the Year,

Jake O'Conner, the 1996 Canadian Family Physician of the Year,

Stephen Hart, the 2001 Canadian Family Physician of the Year,

Dr. Mary McPhail 

Osteopathic FP Docs of the Year

PCOM Alumna Named ACOFP Physician of the Year

Ida Schmidt, DO ΄35, was named 2003 Family Physician of the Year by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP). At age 91, Dr. Schmidt makes few concessions to age. She still runs her practice, where she specializes in osteopathic manipulative medicine, four days a week and teaches osteopathic practices and principles at PCOM once a week. The thought of retiring never enters Dr. Schmidt΄s mind, "The patients keep you going," she says. Sidelined briefly over the years by the deaths of two of her three children, colon cancer and a cracked rib, the knowledge that her patients need her keeps her going. "They are almost like psychiatrists: `Now doctor, I know you΄ve had a bad week, but I feel terrible and I need you.΄" Among her patients are 19 members of one family spanning three generations. Looking back on the past 67 years of practice, Dr. Schmidt claims she "never had a second thought. I΄ve never wanted to do anything else."   

Because she was unable to attend the annual conference of the ACOFP held in Tennessee, Dr. Schmidt received her award in a surprise ceremony as she instructed students at PCOM. The award was presented by former ACOFP president Michael F. Avallone, Sr., DO ΄59. In his presentation, Dr. Avallone noted that, "Dr. Schmidt΄s accomplishments on behalf of her patients, students, the ACOFP and the profession have earned her this prestigious award." A videotape of the presentation was shown at the ACOFP annual conference.

Daniel Marazon Ohio FP of Year

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Rural Family Physicians

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