Family Medicine Teaching - Past, Present, Future

Treasure and Family Medicine by Larry Bauer with permission

Relational Family Medicine - about treasuring relationships, relational thinking

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Wasting Your Life in Family Medicine Not hardly! Chart your own course!

About Service the determining characteristic of FP

Drug Reps Vs Prescription Plans

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Technology Character and Family Medicine

How to get the most out of rural medical life Charles Helm

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What Is the Risk If We Train Too Many To Serve the Underserved

Character, Color, Admissions, and Physicians

Evaluating State Efforts in Rural Medical Education

Restoration of Communities, Nations, People: Role of Rural Family Docs

Rural Medical Education: More and Better Rural Docs

Why a Preceptorship Is Better


Academic Impacts on Family Physicians


Is Health a Right?

The Five Generations of American Medical Revolutions

Why FP Will Survive and Thrive

Good News About Family Medicine

It is a time of reflection - where we have been, where we are going...  additional efforts at Underserved - Overview and Models

Depression in the Discipline of Family Medicine - Time to Get Moving, Reduce Isolation, Embrace Family

Do you know who Marcus Welby was?

Family Medicine Strategy

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Community Driven Approach - collection of articles regarding connecting rural and academic communities

FP - About Serving and Respect Stephen L. McKernan, ND, DO, FAAFP

The Academization of Family Medicine Robert C. Bowman, M.D.

Service Disciplines and Modern Medical Education - will we ever learn to chose servers?

A Family Doctor Affair - Thomas Rowley reviews status/recs for more rural docs

Jerry Maguire Goes Medical - newer practice styles, US NEWS and other sources

The Letter That I Almost Didn't Open - RCB why do we see patients and put up with it all.

Richard is Gone - RCB About Learning From Those We Hope To Serve

Best Works on Site

Family Medicine, Medical Education in the Past, Present, and Future, Why Involvement?

Recruitment Advice from the Military - don't lower standards, raise them

Compromise: The Current Medical School Situation - Family Physicians are asking important questions about their relationship to medical schools 

What Would Primary Care Education Look Like? - what if we had the entire medical school and residency to prepare for practice in underserved areas?

Avoiding Compromise in Primary Care - under construction, how do we not fall victim to our successes

Family Practice Quotes of the Century 

Leaders born or not

Family Practice Wisdom for 2000  Quotes

Mark Twain, Honorary Doctor - Twain had some interesting viewpoints in pre-Flexnerian Medical Education

Why Do We Do What We Do? by Bowman - let's finish up the reflection and move on with the action 

Dialog at L-stone Closure by Silverberg

Improving Care at the Residency Clinic: Call to Action - beginning of one residency clinic's attempt to deal with change

New Ideas, Organized Medicine as a Guild, Humility in Physicians by Garrett

Compromises in Healthcare 1999 - what is our era of medicine about

Appropriations 1999: Where is our focus? - short essay with quotes, are we supporting what we should be?

What do we know, what will we do in Family Medicine? 11/1996 reflections

Revise Priorities Before Scheduling - will FP faculty move out of their comfort zones and accomplish what needs to be done?

Family Practice as Unique 3/98 reflection on status quo

Flexner - the man and the report - like it or not, medical education today came about for specific reasons and influenced by specific people    

Osler, Family Medicine, and Rural Practice

Ladies and gentlemen, you know we're in big trouble in medicine today in this country when there's a code not only for flatulence, but one for the guy standing downwind as well. I'm not making this up. If you look in the ICD-9 diagnosis coding book that Medicare requires physicians to use, you'll find a code for almost everything that can happen to a person…. There's even a code for a person who has been sucked into a jet engine. Now think about that.Why would you need a code for a person who has been sucked into a jet engine? by Lawrence R. Huntoon, M.D., Ph.D. , President Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


From a Christian Perspective 

I have found it interesting that many activists, myself included, are actually functioning with a mix of God-given wisdom, God-given compassion, and God-given passion. I don't know of many physicians who were not abused in some way. Those who were not abused, have come to think that they were abused. They transfer this sense of injustice to a patient or patients and take up their banner. Those who can make it to the broader context of what God wants for each of us, may lose some of the apparent passion, but they will be able to find depths of knowledge, understanding, and energy that they will never be able to understand.

About Being Different, for Those We Serve   4/27/99

Brothers Keeper/Higher Calling: Reflections of Family Medicine Upon Return from Haiti in February 2000

Family Vision for the Bowmans

No, we are not even close to this vision. We have shared only a small part of this with our sons and almost none with our daughter. We are still struggling with priorities in our marriage and intimacy. I am meeting weekly with two FP colleagues to explore issues in this area in a Christian perspective. We all discovered common ground here. Perhaps we are better at priorities for patients or for promotion, etc. I hope that you will ponder the mission of your family, and your role in fulfilling that mission.

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